Teams 2017

Meet the projects that will participate in the 2017 Nobi Bajío Cohort.

Click on the code of each team


NB001 Swine edible vaccine CIATEJ
NB002 Platform for the diagnosis of phytopathogens and genes of interest in plant production CINVESTAV
NB003 Early detection of Sclerotium cepivorum in soil and its biological control ITESI
NB004 Case Based Reasoning ITESO
NB005 Continuous distillation of essential oils CIATEJ
NB006 Handcrafted Synthetic Skins ITLP
NB007 Calturi ITESO/ENES
NB008 Aspergot: Breeding and marketing of helix aspersa snails ITLP
NB009 Nanoparticulate animal feed additives, which optimize livestock production, health and economy ENES
NB010 Personal domain specific freelance software assistants ITLP
NB011 Online system for production optimization ITESO/CIMAT
NB012 Differentiation of mesenchymal cells in different types of biologically compatible matricx ITESO
NB013 Cloud system for the collaborative management of technological innovation projects ITESO
NB014 Bio-melanina: A biopolymer that captures energy and natural bio-dye for various industries CINVESTAV
NB015 Optimate CIMAT/ENES
NB016 Bank of adult stem cells of the oral region ENES
NB017 Tribological system of alternative mobility ITESO
NB018 Traceability system for agroindustrial processes ITESI
NB019 Educational system for learning electronics CIMAT
NB020 Application of essential oils in deodorants for human use ITLP
NB021 Integrated system of resource management in industrial crops: Agroapp ITLP
NB022 Smart Gel CIATEJ
NB023 Antiviral medication against bovine viral diarrhea ENES
NB024 Agro-industrial waste recovery system for the production of biofuels with high added value ITESI